ACC Requests

Here are some suggestions for a successful Architectural Control Committee (ACC) request:

Submit projects individually. For example, if you are doing a roof and a driveway, submit a separate ACC request for each one. Sometimes, the ACC may have questions about one but not the other and we don't want the approval of both to hold up one.

Lot diagram of the improvement. If you are adding a structure or making major changes to your lot include a site diagram. This can be a rough sketch or a mocked up digital drawing (with distances to property lines and structures clearly marked) and/or official design or engineering diagrams from your contractor. It’s important to understand where the change is taking place in relation to neighbors and visibility from the street.

Color and material samples. Here are a few examples: If you are painting your house and trim include a picture of the color chip and the name. If you are doing a roof, include a picture of the product and color name. If you are adding new gutters, include images of the product and color of the gutters.

Allow for 30 days to review. The ACC has 30 days to review and ask questions about a project, although they try to turn them around as quickly as possible. Please keep this in mind before committing and scheduling.

Site visit. If the ACC needs to evaluate the project in more detail they may request a site visit. For example, it might be useful to see where a shed or outdoor heating/cooling unit might be placed in relation to a neighbor.

New structures require Neighbor Input Form. Any projects involving a new structure (like fence, new deck, outdoor heating/cooling unit, shed, etc.) require a Neighbor Input form. Additionally, house painting in a new color requires neighbor input forms from adjacent neighbors and neighbors directly across the street. Provide a copy of the neighbor input form to signing neighbors. At the top it has the following information:

“Note to adjacent property owners:

Your signature does not constitute your approval. It indicates only that you are aware of the applicant’s intention. If you have concerns with the proposed work, please notify the ACC Chair within five (5) days of the date of your signature.

Acknowledgement/input from adjacent property owners is requested for all projects, but is required for new vertical structures, additions, and significant alterations.”

This can be done by contacting Associa (See Contact page). Please provide the address where the project is taking place.

How to submit: Log in and select Tools -> Architectural Review on the left side navigation. Then in the upper right select "Submit Project".

All projects that are significantly changing your lot (including side/rear yards) need an ACC request. One new bush does not, but a row or grouping of plants should. In addition to what has been mentioned above the following are more examples: driveway, roof, windows, garage doors, lighting and so on.